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Sunshine on a cloudy day

It's hot and humid, but cloudy today, so I decided to clean my car. First to the carwash, then home to vacuum, and remove finger marks from the doors etc.. It looks new again!
I'll do the windows tomorrow.
After lunch, a walk around the garden brought home how much there is to do but it's not worth the effort right now. After years of indecision the appointment has been made to remove the cherry trees next month. We planted them 30 years ago and they grew, and grew and grew. But  now they are truly in decline...we have toyed with the idea of taking them down for the last few years, they made a mess, they shaded out everything else, but we couldn't do it. Those few weeks of glorious blossom, and the privacy they gave us was too precious. Now we have no choice, and have accepted that they have to go. I feel quite emotional about it. It's like losing two old friends.
Over thirty feet tall and with wide spreading branches, they have been home to birds and squirrels, a…

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