That was January.....

Another month gone and no blog post.
Here we are...January 28th already.
One hundred and nineteen years ago my paternal grandmother was born on this day in Weymouth.
I didn't really know her well, she was never a cuddly nan.
I've been doing more ancestry research and in the process recently  learned more about her than I knew when she was  living.
Her mother died when Nan was a year old, and her eldest sister, who had recently married, took over her care.
When her father remarried she moved back to live with him and her step mother. They went on to give her three new siblings. Their relationship was good I think, as my father remembered family holidays with them when he was a child. Nan's only older brother moved to Australia when he was a young man, but within months WW1 began, and he fought in France before being killed when he was 21.
My uncle said she grieved terribly for him, and always hoped to visit his grave in France. Something she never was able to do.
Nan had s…

Christmas is coming...

Photos of store window, decorated for Christmas, Lagos, Portugal

The gifts are bought and wrapped. The tree is up. All l have left to do is some grocery shopping. Christmas seemed to come out of nowhere this year.
Being away for the first half of November, and unwell for a month after that didn't leave me much time to prepare. It proves just what you can accomplish when you have to. Simplify. Simplify. Symplify.

This year the tree is decorated with memories. Handmade things, decorations crafted in school by grandchildren, and 'babies first Christmas' pieces. Most of the other decorations have not been unpacked and they haven't been missed. A few white lights and evergreens in the porch and l'm done.
This year, l realize the Grinch had a point!
How ever you celebrate, whatever you do or don't celebrate, l hope the spirit of the season touches you.

“And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, 
stood puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so?…

Still here!

After being AWOL for three months I had big plans to return with an account of our trip to Portugal, where we introduced our daughter and her family to the land of their ancestors.
Life had other plans however, for the day after flying home I came down with a bacterial lung infection. Not fun. Hopefully it is on the way out, as I have taken all the antibiotics I was prescribed, and although I am still coughing, I am feeling much better.
Now the run up to Christmas is here so it is unlikely that I shall be posting again any time soon.
Wishing anyone who happens by a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
and hopefully 2018 will be a healthy one for us all.

After the storm

We seem to have a thunder storm every  couple of days this Summer.
I love them. That lovely smell of rain on warm dry earth.
Petrichor...the smell of Summer.
Then it blows over and leaves behind these beautiful skies.
I'm not a fan of extreme heat and humidity, but oh! these skies!
Our reward for the discomfort.

A stay at home day

A nothing kind of day. Very overcast and looks like rain. I'm housebound due to prep for a medical test tomorrow. Just routine but let's say l can't go far and you can probably guess what the test is! So l'm sitting here watching the grass grow. The trees look so sad, it's hard to believe that this time next month they will be gone.
Oh, and l'm hungry. Very hungry, and l can't eat until l get home around 5 pm tomorrow!

Sunshine on a cloudy day

It's hot and humid, but cloudy today, so I decided to clean my car. First to the carwash, then home to vacuum, and remove finger marks from the doors etc.. It looks new again!
I'll do the windows tomorrow.
After lunch, a walk around the garden brought home how much there is to do but it's not worth the effort right now. After years of indecision the appointment has been made to remove the cherry trees next month. We planted them 30 years ago and they grew, and grew and grew. But  now they are truly in decline...we have toyed with the idea of taking them down for the last few years, they made a mess, they shaded out everything else, but we couldn't do it. Those few weeks of glorious blossom, and the privacy they gave us was too precious. Now we have no choice, and have accepted that they have to go. I feel quite emotional about it. It's like losing two old friends.
Over thirty feet tall and with wide spreading branches, they have been home to birds and squirrels, a…

Get fit quick!

Credit for this lovely photo is shown on the print.

It's been ten years since our last trip to Portugal. When we left I became quite emotional as in my heart I felt we would never return.
For the last several years my son in law has been encouraging us to go back for a visit. My vacations meanwhile have been on a beach somewhere, sipping caiparinhas and swimming in the Caribbean. Not too exacting.
He wanted us all to go. He has finally convinced us and arrangements have been made for a trip in November. My reluctance stemmed from all the walking involved.
The longer we waited,  the older I got,  and began to think it would be too much. Hubby is okay, daily golf games keep him fit. Me...let's just say I don't golf!
So in less than four months, hubby and I, along with daughter, son in law and two grand daughters will jet off for twelve days. We will spend 4 days in Lisbon and Sintra, then drive down to the South coast to visit some of our o…