Sunshine after the rain

                               Sunshine after a long night,Warmth after the Winter.
                                                                           RAYMOND A FOSS  May Day

I don't plant tulips every year as they bloom so late here in Southern Ontario. As this year marks Canada's 150th birthday, how could I resist planting these specially developed bulbs. 
They were worth the wait. Tall, straight stems, topped with these lovely blooms. I hope to enjoy them for a while before the rain, which we seem to be having in abundance this Spring, knocks them down.

(Few plants come with as much emotion and historical significance as the Canadian Celebration tulip. It was developed by Netherlands’ bulb-flower growers to commemorate Canada’s 150th birthday as well as to pay tribute to the days in the Second World War when Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard were forced to flee Holland because of the German invasion. Holland’s royal couple lived in Ottawa and their daughter Margriet was born there in 1943. Canadian soldiers liberated Holland in 1945. As a thank you gift, after the war, the Netherlands gave Canada 100,000 tulip bulbs. This past spring some 200,000 Celebration tulips bloomed in Ottawa. In 2017 there will be 300,000 of these white and red beauties beside the Parliament Buildings to serve as a symbol of the deep and enduring friendship shared by the Netherlands and Canada.

St Albert Gazette)


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